Ganadoras del Oratory Contest CELA 2022

Yesterday, March 30th, the 2022 CELA Oratory Contest was held in the CELA auditorium.
There were excellent speeches from all the participants, a top-notch judging panel, and amazing support for the contestants from family and classmates.
Great job to all the contestants!
Dana Estefanía Barrero García
Dairén Barreto Cárdenas
Diego Grajeda Cabrales
Ángel Ocariz Martínez
Mónica Emireé Ruiz Torres
Gabriela Zamora Estefani
Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 CELA Oratory Contest!
1st place: Gabriela Zamora Estefani
2nd place: Dana Estefanía Barrero García
3rd place: Dairén Barreto Cárdenas
A special thank you to our illustrious judges:
Ariadne Guzmán Equihua
Kayla Blanco Ojeda
Andrés Herrera
And thank you to all the family and friends who showed their support during the event!

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